BellyUp is one of Canada's premier specialty dance studios for Egyptian style Bellydance. We offer a wide variety of classes for Beginner to Advanced level. No previous dance experience? No problem! We train dancers from the ground up. Have previous bellydance or dance experience? Perfect! You've just found a dance home that will challenge you and give you opportunity to grow your dance even further.  

Welcome to BellyUp Downtown Burlington!

BellyUp Bellydance Studio is now located in Downtown Burlington's Village SquareWe're excited to be part of this vibrant community offering such diversity in arts, culture and entertainment. 
Our 10-week Fall Session runs from October 2nd to December 9th.  We've also just added a 6 week Beginner Crash course starting Thursday, October 19th at 8:15pm. which is registering now.  If you missed the start of our session you can join in anytime pending space availability. Simply contact us with your class preference and we'll confirm. 

Our studio is a spacious 2500 square feet, lower level oasis that offers total privacy and is a feast for the senses. Bold colours, peacock feathers, silk cushions, rich, drapey fabrics. It is the essence of Egyptian flair that transports you to another world if only for an hour each week.  But come often because we love to see you on the dance floor!    

New studio. New look.

New classes.  

Be your best at BellyUp! 
We've long believed in the transformative effects of Bellydance on the women who embrace it. It's a powerful process we see take place time and time again when women are open to changing their lives for the better. The dance is a catalyst for taking their lives to its highest potential. To this end, we've created the ultimate haven for women who love to Bellydance. Our ambiance is second to none. Luxurious, spacious and private. Decor that oozes the bellydance vibe the moment you walk in. Quality sound system that makes you wanna move. Teaching that challenges and inspires. We teach Bellydance as an art form with high respect for the artistic integrity of the dance. Not only will you get a great workout, but you'll learn the history and the culture behind what makes this one of the most beautiful and universal dance forms loved by women all over the world. 

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