BellyUp’s mission has always been to elevate the artistic integrity of Oriental dance as a high art form through ongoing training and education via our classes, specialty workshops, master teacher training intensives and events. 

We are passionate about Bellydance and it is a way of life for many of us both in and out of the studio. This dance form has far reaching benefits that extend well off the dance floor which are embraced in our daily lives. Our classes are designed to leave you feeling inspired and empowered, more aware and appreciative of your body and all that it is capable of.  No other dance form can awaken the senses within you like Oriental dance can. You will feel alive again, desired, freer, happier, sexier and lighter in every way. Every woman should learn to move this way! 



In 2006, owner and founder, Joharah, opened BellyUp with a dream of bringing the local dance community together through Bellydance.  Since then, BellyUp's community has grown by leaps and bounds.  Why?   Two simple ingredients… our atmosphere; people call us their home away from home, and our attitude; everyone is accepted and welcomed like family. Students from all walks of life come to our studio; every profession, all ages, shapes and sizes. Some are still with us from our very first class!  Others have moved away and have gone on to realize some amazing life goals.  

BellyUp is proud to have become a recognized leader in Egyptian style bellydance not only in Canada but in North America.  In our ten years of excellence, we have hosted the “A” list of Egyptian and North American Master teachers and have developed a reputation as a first-class training event organizer.


We believe in high standards of training. Passion, hardwork, self-love and perseverance are routinely encouraged.  We love a never-give-up-attitude towards dance and whatever else you do in life. If what we teach is not your cup-of-tea, we encourage you to use it as a stepping stone to get out there and find your passion whatever it may be. It’s out there waiting for you.  Find your happiness sharing with others what lights up your world. Bellydance is an excellent catalyst in helping you find bliss by making you stronger and more confident. If Bellydance becomes your passion, then you’ve found the perfect dance home at BellyUp to embark on a journey of study, adventure, music, dance and excitement that could alter your life's course and last a lifetime! 


When you’re in a BellyUp class, you’ll be captivated by our lush ambiance that’s designed to enhance your visual senses. But more than that, you’ll find precise and safe instruction designed to teach you the dance form in a very comprehensive way. We teach Bellydance as an art form first and foremost, but if your reasons for joining us are purely for fun and exercise, you’ll enjoy a good dance workout, too. If your interests lie in learning about the culture and the history behind the dance, then you’ll love our teachers' stories and anecdotes that connect the movements to the history of Oriental and Folklore dance. We move through a vigorous, content-filled class that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, awakened and satisfied. 



Discovery & Life Mastery Courses   ​

We've long believed in the transformative effects of Bellydance on the women who embrace it. It's a powerful process we see take place time and time again when women are open to changing their lives for the better. The dance is a catalyst for taking their lives to its highest potential.

This Fall we launch our new self discovery initiative entitled "Soul Sisters" which we thought was the perfect name considering our vibe attracts our tribe. You don't have to be a dancer to participate. But if you are a dancer get ready to unleash your creative energy like never before. This program is designed to help you fall in love with yourself all over again! You'll become more self-aware and work on removing blocks that are holding you back. The course will help you find your passion and purpose in life,  make you feel alive, clearer, more vibrant and desired again. Our goal is to put you on the path to higher creativity and self-awareness.

Limited space so don't miss out on this amazing life mastery program. Register today! 


"I come from Egypt to teach at BellyUp for several years now and every time there is nothing like the students and the energy of BellyUp. The best dance studio for Egyptian Bellydance in Canada. Joharah trains the best!" - Raqia Hassan of Egypt

"No studio compares to the feeling and vibe of BellyUp. This is a studio seriously committed to the art of Bellydance and teaching it as such. For great training in Canada this is the place to be. You'll take your dance to the next level and then some. I love teaching at BellyUp!" - Nourhan Sharif - NYC

"Stunning studio, warm inspiring atmosphere. Joharah is a skilled, knowledgeable teacher who upholds a very high degree of professionalism in her studio. A gem serving our community!" - Sadie Marquardt - International Bellydance superstar