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Goddess Awakening Workshops

Ignite a feminine spiritual awakening through creative exploration; connecting with your deeper wisdom, developing our intuition and sharing our collective consciousness. Hosted by Beth Hudson of Answers for Women. Monthly Fridays at BellyUp Oakville. 

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BellyUp's 10th Anniversary Show!

We're planning BellyUp's 10th Anniversary Show in June! Want to perform in it?  Sign up for classes this Winter/Spring session which will culminate in the gala show. Beginner to advanced levels welcome. Set a goal to perform and let's get...

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BellyUp Oakville

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Registration is open for our Spring Session which starts the week of April 10th. Beginners can take the full 12-week course or a 4 week mini-session if you just want a taste. Our Foundation I course is designed for those with absolutely no experience to those with some experience who want to refresh the basics. We offer courses for all levels plus alternative styles such as Nuvo "Contemporary" Bellydance with an urban hip hop vibe if you want to learn a funky, new style of Bellydance. BellyUp Oakville's classes run daily and BellyUp Hamilton offers classes on Tuesday nights. Please refer to our course descriptions to find the course right for you.  Email us if you're not sure which level is right for you!  

BellyUp celebrates 10 years of being one of Canada's leading specialty Bellydance Studios! We're also one of Oakville's top 3 best rated dance studios! We offer the best of Egyptian Bellydance from Oriental to Folklore as well as alternative styles like Nuvo and Latin Bellydance. Our gorgeous, one-of-a-kind Eastern inspired studio is luxurious and creates the perfect ambiance. Students feel the exotic vibe the moment they step through our doors.  

"I come from Egypt to teach at BellyUp for several years now and every time there is nothing like the students and the energy of BellyUp. The best dance studio for Egyptian Bellydance in Canada. Joharah trains the best!"  - Raqia Hassan of Egypt

"No studio compares to the feeling and vibe of BellyUp. This is a studio seriously committed to the art of Bellydance and teaching it as such. For great training in Canada this is the place to be. You'll take your dance to the next level and then some. I love teaching at BellyUp!" - Nourhan Sharif - NYC 

"Stunning studio, warm inspiring atmosphere. Joharah is a skilled, knowledgeable teacher who upholds a very high degree of professionalism in her studio. A gem serving our community! - Sadie Marquardt  - International Bellydance superstar!