Bellydance is a Western slang term for the dance form Egyptians call "Raqs Sharqi" which is Arabic for "dance of the east".  They also refer to it as "Orientale" dance or "dance Orientale"  which is more of a classical term for the style. Raqs Sharqi is considered a more modern "Cairo" style that is rooted in traditional "Baladi" and other folkloric styles which is more earthy and grounded. Bellydance is rooted in Foklore and students will discover the importance of differentiating these styles as they progress through their courses at BellyUp. Egyptian style can be described as relaxed, expressive, internal, elegant, soft, but powerful, graceful and exciting. Students will learn a wide range of moves and develop deep control of their bodies through the wonderful movements of Bellydance such as  intricate hipwork, belly undulations, shimmies, figure of 8's, accents, graceful arm work and plenty of fancy footwork which is great for building stamina and coordination. 


Nuvo Bellydance Fusion is an exciting and unique contemporary Western style that is a popular Bellydance alternative for those who've mastered a strong foundation in Egyptian style and can comfortably dance at the Level 3. Also ideal for the student with an alternative dance foundation who is interested in discoverig new and creative ways to use their dance skills beyond the traditional Middle Eastern style. A wide range of moves, travelling steps and postures are explored to help students transition from basic bellydance moves into a modern fusion bellydance language that is all its own. You'll be amazed and empowered to learn what more you can do with your abilities. Students unleash their inner show girl, express themselves, develop confidence and build self-esteem. You'll feel empowered, creative and strong in this modern and evolving fusion style.   



Students discover Bellydance for many reasons and often it's just to get fit through a different kind of activity. We've designed LatinBelly and ShimmyFit classes that are all about getting your heart rate up and giving you a good sweat rather than it being all about technique.  Students work at their own pace and enjoy a fun class with great music and fun moves. These are not technique classes so don't worry if you're a beginner. And if you do have dance experience it's a great way to drill your moves. LatinBelly combines Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton with Egyptian bellydance moves. ShimmyFit uses both modern and Arabic music with a wide variety of moves and easy to follow combinatios.


Everyone is welcome to join in for Arabic Drumming. Dancers, husbands, kids ... anyone with a love of percussion and an interest in learning to play the Dumbek will enjoy this class. What appears to be a simple instrument is really an intricate, more complex instrument capable of many dynamic sounds. It's no wonder it is the heart beat of Bellydance music. This is an introductory level class that breaks down the most essential Arabic rhythms and develops your hand technique and your ear for the rhythms.  We recommend that students purchase their own drum so they can practice in between classes, however, some loaners are available for class time. Dancers taking Arabic drumming will find a dramatic improvement in their musicality and ear for the music we dance to.