If you've never Bellydanced before, you've chosen the perfect studio because we love teaching Beginners and we're known to have one of the best Beginner curriculums anywhere! We're proud of our warm supportive environment from our teachers to our students. You'll be welcomed warmly. Our beginners can opt for a 6 week crash course or the full 12 week course. If you take the 6 weeks you can extend your course for the 12 weeks anytime. You save by registering for the full 12 weeks. Also new students can start anytime. Our curriculum is designed to allow people to start any week. The subjects rotate and material is reviewed each week.


We offer courses for the absolute beginner to advanced Bellydancer. We teach you the technique, the rhythms and the art of Raqs Sharqi and Egyptian Folklore. Our course levels are based on progressive levels to allow students to advance. ​​​​​​​Our classes offer an amazing workout at the same time as developing our student's foundation for more challenge. 


If you've got an inner bellydance diva just yearning to perform and hit the sage, we've got the courses and performance classes to help you learn the technique and routines that you can perform solo or on stage with your class at our studio events and shows or even competition. 



  • Our Bellydance Basics course is called (Foundation 1) and is typically offered as a 12-week intensive or a 6 week crash course. You can take 1 or more courses each week depending on how fast you want to progress. It's up to you!  

  • Arrive 15 minutes before your very first class so you become familiar with the location, the studio and have time to get set-up for your first class. Check in at the front desk as soon as you arrive to fill out a waiver form. 

  • We appreciate punctuality out of respect for the entire class. Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of your class and always sign in at the front desk. Please mute or turn your cell phones off once in the studio. 

  • You will sweat in the class so bring a bottle of water and a towel if you need. Bottled water is also for sale at the studio.

  • Wear leggings and a tank top and please bring a scarf to tie around your hips. Avoid baggy clothes where your Instructor cannot see how your body is moving. We dance bare foot or with dance slippers or jazz sneakers. We also sell hip scarves. 

  • Change rooms are available. Take your handbag with you on to the dance floor and place off to the side. We recommend keeping valuables in your car. We do not have lockers.

  • Introduce yourself to your Instructor. Let her know of any health or physical issues she should be aware of.

  • Get to know the other students! Before or after your class, take time to introduce yourself to those in your class. Everyone loves to chat and this is the perfect chance to make connections, laugh, talk, and share about your bellydance experiences.

  • Listen to your body and go at your own pace. This is important! If you need to sit out for any reason, feel  free to take a short break whenever needed.

  • If you would like private lessons to work on aspects you find you are not getting fully in class just let your Instructor know and we can arrange some private assistance for you. 
  • Everyone learns differently! We realize people learn at a different pace and in different ways. Your Instructor will always ask if there are questions so don't hold back if you're not understanding a move or a concept. She will be happy to break it down for you in a different way.