Artistic Director/Founder & Instructor/Choreographer

​​Joharah founded BellyUp in 2006 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. In just over 10 years she's made BellyUp into one of the top 3 premier dance studios for Middle Eastern dance in Canada. Joharah is known for her no-nonsense approach to dance training combining a sense of humour with a high standard of technique and discipline. Fully dedicated to the high art of Egyptian Raqs Sharki, her class design always emphasizes technique, musicality, nuance, costuming, stage presence and cultural awareness behind the dance form.  Her choreographies are fresh and modern and always embody the quintessential femininity and softness of Egyptian styling. As the primary dance trainer at BellyUp, Joharah has taken her specialty workshops to a variety of cities throughout the USA, Canada and Cairo, Egypt. 

Instructor/Choreographer (Bellydance, LatinBelly) 

Laura brings her vivacious personality to all her classes. Having trained under Joharah for over 7 years, Laura injects her own feminine style with her Egyptian dance classes as well as her very own LatinBelly styling where she's known for fusing these two exciting dance forms together.  Her special skills with Veil, Fan Veil and Wings makes her a popular instructor for these specialized props. Laura is also lead dancer and rehearsal coach for BellyUp's award winning dance ensemble "Ala Nar". 

Instructor (Bellydance, ShimmyFit, Arabic Drumming) 

Veronica trained previously in Ballet throughout her childhood and teens until discovering Egyptian bellydance with Joharah who she has trained under since the start of BellyUp. Known for her grace, power and fluidity, you'll find Veronica teaching a variety of classes at BellyUp from Egyptian, ShimmyFit Dance along with Arabic Drumming for Beginners. A multi-faceted, musical dancer and teacher. Veronica is also a lead dancer and rehearsal coach for BellyUp's award winning dance team "Ala Nar". 


Instructor/Choreographer (Nuvo Bellydance Fusion)

Danielle is a multi-faceted dancer with strong roots in both Lebanese and Egyptian style bellydance. Her passion is Nuvo Fusion where she is able to blend her hip-hop dance training with bellydance which has created a funky, sexy, powerful, urban style of bellydance that all its own. She has trained extensively with Suhaila Salimpour, in addition to  Yasmina Ramzy as part of the Arabesque Dance Co., and is now a member of BellyUp's award winning dance ensemble "Ala Nar".