Our Fall session is 12 weeks long and is designed to advance your skill level from one week to the next.  We also offer Beginners a 6 week crash course option. This will give you a taste of Bellydance to see if it's for you. Your best value however is the 12 week session. So dive in, get registered and start dancing today!   


Good attendance is key to your advancement and how often you attend is entirely up to you. Some students come once a week while others come to multiple classes every week. The more you train the faster you'll learn because repetition is the key. Our price points vary depending on how often you want to dance. We offer discounts on multiple classes in addition to family discounts.  See below for prices. 


Visit our New to Bellydance page for helpful info for the absolute beginner or those new to BellyUp. And if the answer to your question isn’t there, email us or give us a call.

Fall Classes 

12-Week Beginner Session - $180
12-Week Session Level 2+ - $199
Unlimited Classes - $525
1-Month Unlimited - $275

Multi-Class & Family Discounts: 

Take any 24 classes - Save $25 (Promo Code: SAVE25​)

Want even more classes? Go Unlimited and save big! 

Above prices do not include HST. Please add.

There is a one-time $15 admin fee for all new students. 

Drop-in classes - $25 each, HST included. 


Whichever Unlimited plan you choose you'll get great benefits.   

  • Save $800 or more per year on 1-year Unlimited.  
  • 1-year unlimited take15% off Weekend Warrior Workshops. 
  • Per-Session Unlimited take 10% off Weekend Warrior Workshops. 
  • Take as many Bellydance classes as you want! 
  • The more you dance the better you'll get!
  • Transform your dance and your body. 
  • Develop a keen sense of musicality.
  • Get exposed to a wide variety of classes and styles. 
  • Feel part of the BellyUp community and family. 
  • Get real results from your Bellydance training. 
  • Build stamina, endurance, flexibility.
  • Learn multiple choreographies if you desire. 
  • Take your dance to new and exciting heights! ​
  • Price is $1600 plus HST 



Our Unlimited auto-renew gives you total flexibility to attend all the classes your hips can handle! You don't need to worry about registration because your credit card will be charged automatically on the first day of every month.

Read the benefits: 

Train as often as you want.
Take back to back classes if you like. 
Enjoy flexibility and freedom with your membership. 
No worrying about dealing with class registrations. 
A minimum 3-month commitment is required.
If you'd like us to auto renew you by the session we can do this as well. Just speak to us at the front desk and we are happy to make arrangements. 


​Students love the one-on-one attention they receive with private lessons. Together with an instructor you can focus on important areas of your dance. Work on technique, custom choreography, improvisation skills. Whatever your goals, private lessons are a way to deepen your bellydance experience. Cost: $95/1 hour for 1 Lesson; $60/half hour. $450 for package of 5 1 hour lessons. Choreography is additional and depends on song length. 

Semi-Private for 2-5 students. This is a fun way to work on mutually shared areas for technique improvement or learning a group choreography. Take the hourly rate above and add $20 for each student up to 5 max. Choreography development is additional and depends on song length. 

A unique way to get on the spot adjustment and correction while you're actually in a live class. The assistant will be situated with you on the dance floor able to quietly adjust and support you as you move through the various movements and steps being taught. 
Cost: $35/class